Arc Flash Hazard Assessment

At Booth & Associates, one of the largest areas of growth in our Specialty Services Division is in Arc Flash Hazard Assessment. Our services are a detailed and intricate assessment of the most hazardous systems in the public and private energy sectors. Our staff is highly trained in the most current safety practices for our employees' safety and yours.

Booth utilizes several software options to set up Arc Flash calculations for studying circuit effectiveness and compliance with NESC® and NFPA-70E® safety standards.  Among these are ArcPro®, SKM-PTW®, ETAP®, EasyPower® Arc Flash and CYME Arc Flash Hazard Analysis modules.  A thorough analysis is performed, and labels, work permits and data sheets can be generated for the client's use.

For more information about Arc Flash Hazard Assessment, please contact Bill Jordan at 919.851.8770 or email to schedule an appointment.