Mission, Vision, & Core Values

Booth Mission Statement:

Providing quality full-service engineering and support for the energy community since 1960, with a committed focus on what matters most to our clients and employees.

Booth Vision Statement:

To set the standard for excellence as the most trusted energy consultant.

Core Values:

At Booth, our core values are commitment to:

Providing transparency to our clients; delivering on our promises
Treating others with respect at all times
Adhering to ethics in everything we do

Looking for ways to improve
Paying attention to details to minimize errors and miscommunication
Following quality assurance/quality control protocols

Building strong and lasting relationships
Valuing our employees by promoting continual learning and a healthy work/life balance
Valuing our clients and helping them achieve their goals

Taking ownership of our work and decisions
Striving for excellence and making it right if we fall short

Maintaining a “safety first” mentality is integral to our everyday business
Ensuring and promoting a safe work environment

Living our values daily
Transferring knowledge and expertise
Dedicating the time to grow, encourage and develop those around you…being a mentor

Practicing professionalism, organization, and neatness
Managing our projects and resources wisely