Transmission Projects

Booth & Associates, LLC has been providing transmission line design services to the electric utility industry for more than fifty years. We have designed transmission projects up to 345kV and have utilized tubular steel, lattice, concrete and wood structures.

Our primary goal is to provide an efficient design that meets all applicable design standards while keeping a focus on constructability.

•  Construction Cost Analysis and Services    •  Engineered Structures  •  Foundation Analysis  •  Line Analysis with LiDAR  •  Line Modeling  •  Line Rebuilding  •  Line Route Analysis  •  Line Uprates  •  NERC Analysis  •  Procurement Cost Analysis and Services  •  Structure Replacements

As well as: 
Construction Management
Design / Build Capability
Highway Relocation Projects
Labor and Material Contract Preparation
Line Permitting
PLS-CADD Design Software
Project Management
Routing and Feasibility Studies
Transmission / Distribution Planning Studies

Please contact David S. Huffstetler at 919.851.8770 for more information about our Transmission Services or email