For over fifty-five years, Booth & Associates has been known industry-wide as a top firm in traditional electric utility engineering.  But, as renewable energy sources have become a more viable option, Booth has become increasingly competitive in this growing field. We have integrated alternative resource specialists in Solar, Storage, Biomass, Wind Energy, and Geothermal, into an area of Booth's expertise. 

As the role of renewable energy increases over time, innovations that focus on renewable energy technologies have significant future potential in contrast to the conventional sources such as gas, coal, and oil. The role of renewable energy is expected to increase significantly with greater and greater contributions to the power generation. At Booth, the use of alternative energy sources has been increasing, especially into the areas of solar farms and biomass technologies.  Our service offerings include:

•  Civil Design & Permitting based on AHJ Requirements  •  Utility Interconnect Support  •  Software Analysis Helios3D, HelioScope, PVSyst  •  PV Array Layout & Design Optimization  •  Array / Elevations & Detailing  •  Technical Support for Pull Testing  •  Combiner Box Placement  •  Control & String Inverter Systems  •  Solar AC Collector Ring Design  •  Material Specification & Procurement  •  Recloser Settings & Calibration  •  Nuisance Trip Investigations  •  Short Circuit Study  •  Harmonics Study  •  Transient Over-Voltage Study  •  Transient Recovery-Voltage Study  •  Load Flow Study  •  Voltage Fluctuation Study


For more information on our Renewables/Energy Services, please contact Michael L. Clements at 919.851.8770 or email