Solar (PV) farms are a key developing technology that has become widespread in parts of the United States, and in particular nearby to us in North Carolina.  Booth has been part of this, alongside many solar developers providing support for their technical needs, not only in North Carolina but across the U.S.  Our team consists of degreed engineers across multiple disciplines including electrical, mechanical, civil, structural, and environmental engineering along with professional land surveyors and system studies experts.   We can assist with any size solar projects from <1 MW tied directly  into the local distribution network or large scale (>100 MW) solar farms connected to transmission system power grid via utility substation. Booth can provide the full spectrum of engineering services to assist with solar farm development from the initial planning stage through complete installation and commissioning.   To date, Booth has assisted with over 3 Gigawatts of solar development, whether it be initial planning and development, substation design or solar field design.

Booth can also prepare Solar Glare Analysis Reports for our clients.  Using an online-based software package from ForgeSolar, we can model a Solar Farm based on its varying solar panel properties to predict the glare on nearby houses, streets with vehicles, overhead planes, etc.  This Glare Analysis report aids our clients in obtaining approval to build the project, which is sometimes required by counties for zoning approval.

Our Solar service offerings include:

•  Civil Design and Permitting based on AHJ Requirements  •  Utility Interconnect Support  •  Software Analysis  Helios3D, HelioScope, PVSyst  •  PV Array Layout and Optimization   •  Array Elevations and Detailing  •  Technical Support for Pull Testing  •  Combiner Box Placement  •  Central and String Inverter Systems  •  Solar AC Collector Ring Design  •  Material Specification and Procurement  •  Recloser Settings and Calibration  •  Nuisance Trip Investigations  •  Solar Glare Analysis Reports  •  Short Circuit Study  •  Harmonics Study  •  Transient Over-Voltage Study  •  Transient Recovery-Voltage Study  •  Load Flow Study  •  Voltage Fluctuation Study 

For more information about our Solar Services, please contact Mike Clements at 919.851.8770 or email