Structural Division

We offer an extensive list of Structural Engineering services here at Booth & Associates. As we have grown, our Structural Division at Booth has become a large portion of our Civil Engineering Department. They often worked in conjunction with other divisions with a common goal of efficient designs while meeting all design code requirements. Our Booth team can fully calculate how different materials will perform under stresses such as compression, tension, bending, and twisting, as well as under various environmental conditions to be able to predict how these materials will perform over an extended period of time.

Some of our exceptional Structural services that are offered include:

•   STRUCTURAL DESIGN & ANALYSIS  Transmission, Distribution, Substation & Telecommunication Structures

•  STEEL FABRICATION DRAWINGS    Transmission, Distribution, Substation & Telecommunication Structures  

  •  SHALLOW FOUNDATIONS   Tubular, Lattice and Wide Flang,  Augered Piers, Spread-Footings, Pads/Mats and Grillages/Soil), Direct Embedded Poles  Concrete Basin, Rock Basin, Prefabricated Basin


   •  DEEP FOUNDATIONS  Piles/Pile Caps, Caissons, Anchors (Helical/Rock


 For more information about our Structural Engineering Services, please contact David S. Huffstetler or Engin M. Reis at 919.851.8770 or email for more information.